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NY Daily News Article: Immigration reform advocates arrested in lower Manhattan during protest

The following was published in the New York Daily News on August 22, 2013.  The original article can be found here. Immigration reform advocates arrested in lower Manhattan during protest The group, which included professors, a nun and other clergy, blocked W. Houston St. next to the federal immigration facility at 201 Varick St. By Erica Pearson / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, August 22, 2013, 3:08 PM EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images Immigration activists stage a protest in lower Manhattan Thursday. Ten immigrant advocates — frustrated about reform being stalled in the House — were arrested Thursday in a Manhattan civil disobedience protest. The group, which includ...Continue Reading

Sarah Sayeed: The Courage of Young Women, a video reflection on the US-Pakistan Interreligious Consortium

From Odyssey Networks: Dr. Sarah Sayeed, a staff member with the Interfaith Center of New York visited Pakistan and met with a group of courageous young women who are dedicated to peace and justice. Facilitated by Intersections International, and in collaboration with the International Islamic University in Islamabad (IIU) and the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), the visit was part of the US-Pakistan Interreligious Consortium (UPIC), an effort to cooperatively set an action agenda toward policy change on both sides and building bridges of understanding and respect between Pakistan and the United States. Read more of Sarah's reflections on the Consortium here. &...Continue Reading

“Easing the Passage From Prison” – New York Times article highlights reentry program

February 25th,2013 ICNY Articles and Press about ICNY, Latest News

The following article by Kia Gregory was published online in the New York Times on Feb. 15, and in print on Feb. 26 on page A20 of the New York edition with the headline: In Harlem: a Program to Ease the Passage From Prison. ICNY's "Reentry Family and Faith Circles of Support" initiative is part of the Harlem Community Justice Center's reentry program.  One of the honorees at this event was Eric Stewart, who attends the Resurrection Chapel of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, and is part of a team of Harlem, faith-based volunteers, recruited by The Interfaith Center of New York, who provide “hospitality” of coffee, juice, bagels, danish and muffins – and friendship – every week to...Continue Reading

Media Coverage of Press Conference Opposing Anti-Muslim Subway Ads

A sampling of media coverage about this press conference of faith leaders that took place on the steps of City Hall on Tuesday, September 25 2012. CNN (who also tweeted about it): CBS News Channel 2 (video report near the bottom of the page): Washington Post: Color Lines News for Action: http://c...Continue Reading

Odyssey Networks Video on ICNY’s “Debate in the Neighborhood” Program

Sikh, Muslim and Hindu students from across New York City have spent the last six months learning the art of debate through "Debate in the Neighborhood," a collaboration between the International Debate Education Association and the Interfaith Center of New York. "The goal of it is to bring immigrant and first generation youth together in a sort of interfaith atmosphere, and let them learn skills of debate and also share something of their own cultures and religion with each other and hopefully develop mutual respect and understanding for each other," says Kevin Childress, program associate at the Interfaith Center of New York. See the video here....Continue Reading

Huffington Post: Catholics and Muslims in New York City and Beyond Work Together to Help the Neediest

February 19th,2012 ICNY Articles and Press about ICNY Reading

“Catholics, Muslims and Staten Island” by Paul Moses

Originally posted on January 20, 2012, 11:08 am Posted by Paul Moses Stories of successful engagement between Catholics and Muslims are too few not to pass along one I heard about yesterday at a conference called “Catholic-Muslim Partnerships in Social Services.” It concerned a program that brought Catholic and Muslim youths together in Staten Island, N.Y. – a locale where Catholics’ distrust of Muslims led a parish to cancel plans for a mosque to find a home in a former convent. Gayle Murphy, a CYO administrator, described how Catholic and Muslim kids took turns cleaning each other’s houses of worship together. They worked an enormous vacuum in the...Continue Reading

Commonweal: Catholics, Muslims and Staten Island

January 20th,2012 ICNY Articles and Press about ICNY Reading

NY Times Article: Obscuring a Muslim Name, and an American’s Sacrifice

Originally Published by New York Times: January 1, 2012 By SHARON OTTERMAN He was buried after the Sept. 11 attacks with full honors from the New York Police Department, and proclaimed a hero by the city’s police commissioner. He is cited by name in the Patriot Act as an example of Muslim-American valor. And Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota, one of two Muslim members of Congress, was brought to tears during a Congressional hearing in March while describing how the man, a Pakistani-American from Queens, had wrongly been suspected of involvement in the attacks, before he was lionized as a young police cadet who had died trying to save lives. Despite this history, Moham...Continue Reading

Faith Leaders Respond to Eviction from Occupy Wall St. (Video)

Faith Leaders from the working group Occupy Faith gathered at Sixth Avenue and Canal Street yesterday to decide how to respond to the closing of Zuccotti Park. Watch interfaith work at its best on Odyssey Networks....Continue Reading