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Meeting in Beirut, interfaith leaders work toward Middle East peace

From Episcopal News Service, dated June 22, 2012 by Eileen White Read A landmark three-day Christian-Muslim peace conference concluded on a hopeful note here by issuing an appeal to religious leaders and institutions to collaborate on promoting human rights, self-determination, peaceful co-existence, and non-violence, particularly in Jerusalem and the Holy Land. “There are over five billion Christians and Muslims throughout the world, and although we do not speak for all of them, we are here to say that violence has no place in the teachings of Mohammed nor Jesus. We are here to say that no one, no one has the right to take the life of another in the name of God,” said the Rt...Continue Reading

ICNY Executive Director attending Landmark Christian-Muslim Peace Summit in Beirut

by Eileen White Read | June 19, 2012 Episcopal News Service The Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem, a former Episcopal bishop of Washington and four Iranian Shi’ite Muslims, two holding the rank of ayatollah, are among the religious leaders who’ve traveled to Beirut, Lebanon, for the second Christian-Muslim peace summit organized by Washington National Cathedral. The three-day conference, which opened June 18, is taking place against a regional backdrop that includes the conflict spilling into Lebanon from nearby Syria, the chaotic Egyptian elections, the threat of nuclear strikes between Israel and Iran, and following the 45th anniversary of the 1967 war that ended in the occupatio...Continue Reading

Ray Chambers joins ICNY and Tony Blair to ask “Where’s the Net?”

Ray Chambers, the UN Special Envoy for Malaria has joined Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation’s worldwide campaign: “Where’s the Net?”.  Since February, a symbolic anti-malaria net has been travelling in a relay between people of different faiths across the world to raise awareness about malaria prevention. Despite being entirely preventable, malaria still kills 750, 000 people each year. The net began its journey in Sierra Leone, where a third of children who die under the age of five are killed by malaria. Since then it has travelled to almost 20 countries including: the USA, Mexico, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines, and the UK spreading vital messages abou...Continue Reading

Odyssey Networks Video on ICNY’s “Debate in the Neighborhood” Program

Sikh, Muslim and Hindu students from across New York City have spent the last six months learning the art of debate through "Debate in the Neighborhood," a collaboration between the International Debate Education Association and the Interfaith Center of New York. "The goal of it is to bring immigrant and first generation youth together in a sort of interfaith atmosphere, and let them learn skills of debate and also share something of their own cultures and religion with each other and hopefully develop mutual respect and understanding for each other," says Kevin Childress, program associate at the Interfaith Center of New York. See the video here....Continue Reading

Faith leaders must talk about violence in the United States

The following article, written by ICNY executive director the Rev. Chloe Breyer and  Program Associate Dr. Sarah Sayeed was published by Common Ground News Service on May 15, 2012: New York, New York - For those who loved Shaima Alawadi, the Iraqi-born mother of five and California resident, the recent media storm around her case likely provides very little solace. Speculation about the motivation behind her murder has become a topic of discussion across the country and beyond. Last March, when police found her body on the floor of her California home with a note next to it saying, “This is my country. Go back to yours, terrorist”, the country and the world saw the murder as a hat...Continue Reading

From Common Ground News Service: “Mosque Growth Study Good News for Americans”

By ICNY Executive Director, the Reverend Chloe Breyer, published 10 April 2012.  Also published in the Daily News Egypt on April 12, 2012. New York, New York - You don’t have to be Muslim to find good news in a recent study on mosque growth in the United States. Co-sponsored by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Hartford Institute on Religion, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), and Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), this national survey of mosque leaders in the United States found that more than 900 new mosques have been built in the United States since 2000—a period of increased scrutiny by government officials and increased controversy over mosque building....Continue Reading

Dr. Sarah Sayeed to Speak at “Abraham’s Table” Forum Series on the Status of Women in Abrahamic Traditions

   ...Continue Reading

Odysey Networks Video: Faith Leaders Call Upon NYPD to Stop Profiling Muslim Community

Video location: Publised March 14, 2012. A diverse coalition of faith leaders gathered this week to denounce what they see as the profiling of the Muslim community by the New York City Police Department — a practice first revealed last year when the Associated Press reported that the NYPD had been "mapping" Muslim groups, businesses and mosques in the tri-state area. Ten years after the NYPD issued "Order 11," which explicitly forbade racial profiling, the police are still unfairly targeting religious and minority groups, the faith leaders contended in a press conference March 1...Continue Reading

AP: Polls give different views of NY Muslim program

The following was published by the Associated Press on March 13, 2012. Written by CHRIS HAWLEY. NEW YORK (AP) — Two polls of New Yorkers offered conflicting views Tuesday about the police department's gathering of intelligence on Muslims as it guards the city against another terrorist attack. A survey by Quinnipiac University showed most voters in the city believe police have acted appropriately toward Muslims, while another, broader poll by Baruch College found New Yorkers evenly divided over whether the department should be focusing on Muslims. Read the full text of the article here....Continue Reading

Catholics and Muslims in New York City and Beyond Work Together to Help the Neediest

Msgr. Sullivan (r.), Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of NY with Dr. Amatullah, Muslim Women’s Institute. Photo Credit: Chris Sheridan.

Originally posted on Huffington Post Religion, February 27, 2012. By Dr. Sarah Sayeed. With New York's Archbishop Timothy Dolan's elevation to Cardinal, Catholics and many who live alongside Catholics are hoping that the good works of the Church will grow. During the season of Lent, when Catholics deepen their connection with Jesus, and this lunar month when Muslims celebrate Prophet Muhammad's birth, my own wish, as an American Muslim and a New Yorker, is that intergroup relations between Catholics and Muslims will deepen. Written by leading Muslim scholars around the world to their Christian counterparts, A Common Word between Us and You, offers a way forward, focused on ...Continue Reading