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NYPD should not infringe on particular group’s freedoms, including Muslims

Originally published in the New Jersey Star Ledger on Feb. 24, 2012 By The Rev. Chloe Breyer Shortly after 9/11, when I was a K-8 chaplain at the Cathedral School at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, I spent some of the time in chapel with middle-school students discussing a series of moral questions. One of them was, “Should the liberties of a few be sacrificed for the security of the many?” Most of the children thought no. One student said if liberty had to be sacrificed for security, then everyone should share in that sacrifice. It should not be apportioned only a few. The authors of the troubles that have dogged the New York Police Department over the...Continue Reading

Democracy Now Reports on Interfaith Response to NYPD Video Controversy

In this video, Democracy Now delivers an extensive report on the Interfaith Response to the New York Police Department video controversy: The Interfaith Center of New York's Executive Director, Reverend Chloe Breyer, appears in the video at 18:56, making the following statement: "We were so disappointed to hear that 1,489 members of the NYPD were exposed to a grossly inaccurate and inflammatory video about Muslims in the United States. Dehumanizing propaganda of the sort we saw aimed at the Japanese during World War II, at the Germans during World War I, has no place in our diverse city and country and no plac...Continue Reading

Occupy Sacred Spaces: Reflections on an Interfaith Service in Zuccotti Park

By Katherine Clark Originally published on FaithWorld Reuters A small group of diverse religious and community leaders gathered in Zuccotti Park this past Sunday to lead an interfaith service at Occupy Wall Street. Organized by staff at the Interfaith Center of New York, we had asked the participants – representing Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh traditions — to meet on Zuccotti’s northeastern steps for the afternoon service. These services have been taking place at the park in Lower Manhattan every Sunday for the past few weeks, so we thought we could easily meet up by the Interfaith Center sign there. It was not so easy after all. Upon arriving, we saw tha t claimin...Continue Reading

ICNY Staff Attend Islamic Art Opening at Met Museum

ICNY Staffers attended a preview of the new exhibit featuring Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. One of the finest collections of Islamic art in the world has been given a new home at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. View video on BBC Website. "Drawn from the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Asia the artefacts on display evoke the rich diversity of Islam. As well as captivating the public, the Metropolitan Museum is hoping its new galleries will also help dispel stereotypes about Muslim culture in the United States. Michael Maher reports on the exhibition, which opens on 1 November." Originally Posted on BBC News 30 October 2011...Continue Reading

After 9/11 and War, Building Paths for Co-Existence

Originally published on HuffingtonPost Religion October 14, 2011 By Dr. Sarah Sayeed With the passing of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, another 10th year commemoration is upon us: the war in Afghanistan. It is a somber reminder that the United States has been caught in a cycle of retribution that is likely to extend long into the coming decade. At the local level in New York City, this cycle of blame and vengeance has emerged in the form of controversies over the building of new mosques, the vilification of Muslims and law enforcement's ongoing surveillance of Muslim communities. As an American, and as a Muslim, I have found my antidote in strategies and programs that present an alte...Continue Reading

International Program – Glasgow – Blog #6

Reflections on the Glasgow portion of the James Parks Morton Interfaith Sister Cities Exchange * The Rev Chloe Breyer, Executive Director of the Interfaith Center of New York * September 24, 2011 When we set out to create a three-way sister city exchange with Glasgow, Barcelona, and New York, we thought that these cities challenges of immigration, security, and religious diversity in a Western democratic context could benefit from the sharing of best practices. As we conclude the third leg of the exchange in Glasgow, this has turned out to be true. Coming from New York City, the visit to Glasgow has provided me with some important challenges.  Watching the Strathclyde Police presentation a...Continue Reading

The NYPD And Muslims In New York

Posted on on 8/31/11 By: Dr. Sarah Sayeed Last week, a troubling piece of news came to the fore, announcing the NYPD's initiative to promote security through a wide surveillance of New York's Muslims and community institutions. Some of the City's Muslim leaders acted swiftly, questioning the constitutionality of such monitoring. The Police Commissioner and the Mayor continue to insist that no laws have been broken, and they have acted in concert with advice from lawyers. Commissioner Kelly also discounted the criticisms of "so-called civil liberties groups." If it is all legal, then why is it a problem? One issue is the sense of powerlessness and fear that such surve...Continue Reading

ICNY Statement on August 24th, 2011 AP Report about NYPD

While recognizing the balance between civil liberties and security is never easy an easy one to strike, The Interfaith Center of New York is deeply concerned to learn of reports of illegal collaboration between the NYPD and the CIA. As citizens of this city, we need to know if there is a possibility that our City’s local police force may have overstepped its authority through operating outside its own jurisdiction and crossed the line from providing proactive safety measures to spying on its own citizens. It is safe to say that there is no one more interested in making sure that their own communities and houses of worship are free from violent extremism than members of New York and New Jersey...Continue Reading

ICNY on New York’s New Workplace Religious Freedom Bill

The Interfaith Center of New York welcomes the passage this week’s Workplace Religious Freedom Bill, initiated by the Sikh Coalition and sponsored by Council Member Mark Weprin (D-Queens). When barriers are lowered to allow more of our city’s religiously diverse citizens to enter the workforce and public square, we are all better, safer, and stronger for it. We commend the Sikh Coalition, its partners, and Congressman Weprin on their efforts to promote religious freedom. You can read the full text of the bills and the Sikh Coalition's commentary on their website....Continue Reading

Unexpected Karmic Consequences

Summary: When the Dalai Lama comes to New York this week, he will be flooded by an onslaught of Buddhists and spiritual seekers. His popularity, and the interest in Buddhism, has grown exponentially since the 1960's through an overwhelmingly liberal excitement over non violence and spiritual exploration. But the Dalai Lama is in many ways an orthodox religious figure: he is celibate, has taken a vow against any form of inebriation, and understands the act of abortion to be a form of killing. The Huffington Post Author: Matthew Weiner Staff: Matthew Weiner Article Date: Article Name: Unexpected Karmic Consequences...Continue Reading