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The Importance of Learning about “Lived Religion” by Dr Henry Goldschmidt

October 20th,2014 ICNY Interfaith Matters Blogs, Latest News

The Importance of Learning about “Lived Religion” Or, What’s the Deal with that Orange on Your Neighbor’s Seder Plate? by Dr. Henry Goldschmidt, ICNY Director of Education Programs ICNY offers education programs for a wide range of audiences in New York and beyond, including secondary school teachers and students, social workers, religious leaders, and the general public. Each of these audiences has its own particular needs and concerns, so each of these programs has its own distinctive methods and focus. But there are a number of common themes running through our education programs, and one of the most important is the study of lived religion. “What the heck does that mea...Continue Reading

Guest Blogger: Ram Mohan on “Inspiring Engagement”

 "Inspiring Engagement" By Ram Mohan, Trustee,  Hindu Temple Society of North America, NY When we work together great things happen. When people of different faiths work together diverse communities get stronger. We at the Hindu Temple in Flushing, NY have been interacting with The Interfaith Center of New York (ICNY) for a long time and know firsthand quite a bit about the work they do. ICNY acts as a "connector" of motivated individuals from diverse faiths who through their active engagement strive for a constructive end. For example, ICNY is  involved in the following activities: ~ At a recent Marshall Meyer Retreat, connecting New York City Administration for Children’s Service...Continue Reading