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Talking to Kids about Terrorism: What the Experts Say

September 20th,2016 ICNY Latest News

Please find below some suggestions for supporting your children at home. Below is information compiled from The National Association of School Psychologists, American School Counselor Association, The Child Mind Institute, and the United Nations International School: Some advice offered by the experts in the field of increasing student resiliency during times of traumatic world events includes: Keep routines as normal as possible, as pre-adolescents and adolescents gain security from the predictability of routine, including attending school. Limit exposure to television and the news. Be honest with kids and share with them as much accurate information as they are developmentally a...Continue Reading

Peace Lanterns Festival: A Day of Meditation, Music, and Water Activities to Celebrate the UN International Day of Peace

September 20th,2016 ICNY Latest News, Upcoming Programs

Date: Sunday, September 25 Time: 2:30 pm - 8:30 pm Location: Gantry Plaza State Park, Center Blvd & 49th Ave., Long Island City This floating lantern ceremony is inspired by Buddhist tradition and continues a 14-year partnership between HarborLAB Executive Director Erik Baard and Rev. Dr. TK Nakagaki (President of the Buddhist Council of NYC), but is open to all faiths and ethical philosophies. More about HarborLAB. More about Buddhist Council of NYC and its Meditate NYC program for personal and societal healing. Activities and approximate schedule: Kayaking (230pm-6pm), lantern decorating and face painting/temporary tattoos (230pm-6pm), yoga, meditation, and music (230pm-6pm), sp...Continue Reading

PODCAST: “Gifts of Spirit and Caregiving” – Peter Gudaitis on Faith Leadership and Disaster Response

September 19th,2016 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

Maggi Van Dorn talks with Peter Gudaitis In the wake of the 9/11 tragedy fifteen years ago, an organization called New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS) came together to coordinate disaster relief. Since that time, NYDIS has grown and gone on to provide relief after Hurricane Sandy and other disasters. In this episode of our free podcast series “NYC Faith Leaders,” Maggi Van Dorn talks with Peter B. Gudaitis, Chief Response Officer of NYDIS, about the challenges of coordinating disaster relief in a city comprised of hundreds of separate cultural and faith communities, and how to train religious leaders to provide emergency response to a multi-faith population. Highlights: O...Continue Reading

Faith leaders, students & legislators rally to support legislation for halal & kosher meals in public schools

September 8th,2016 ICNY Latest News

On Wednesday, September 8, ICNY, along with a coalition of interfaith partners joined students and legislators at a press conference on the steps of city hall to welcome the announcement of the introduction of new state legislation for halal and kosher meals for children in public schools. Here are some news stories relating to this subject: CBS New York: Students, Lawmakers Push For Kosher, Halal Lunch Options In NYC Schools New York Post: Pols call for city schools to offer kosher and halal meals About Islam: NY Students Rally for Halal, Kosher Meals Jewish Telegraphic Agency: Jews and Muslims rally for kosher, halal food in NYC public schools Jewish Political News & Updates: ...Continue Reading

BLOG: Five NYC Faith Leaders Look Back on 9/11, Fifteen Years Later

September 6th,2016 ICNY Interfaith Matters Blogs, Latest News

   Looking Back on 9/11, Fifteen Years Later A press conference filmed 2 days after 9/11 prompts five NYC Faith Leaders to reflect, assess, and offer direction for the future Edited by Kevin Childress Fifteen years ago, just 2 days after the shocking tragedy of 9/11, The Interfaith Center of New York hosted a press conference where dozens of leaders from diverse New York City faith communities expressed interfaith and multicultural unity in the face of terrorism.   We recently showed an archival recording of that press conference to five faith leaders who spoke at it, asking them to share their memories of 9/11, to weigh in on how racial, cultural and religious intolerance has changed...Continue Reading

9/11 Day of Service

September 5th,2016 ICNY Latest News, Program Archive, Upcoming Programs

Date: Sunday, September 11 Times: 2 hour shifts still available at 7:00 am and 3:00 pm Location: Pier 36 (Basketball City) 299 South St.   The national nonprofit, 9/11 Day, is working with a coalition of interfaith, service, youth and educational organizations to mark the 15th anniversary of 9/11 by packing more than 500,000 meals at Pier 36, 299 South St. New York on Sunday, September 11th. There are slots left at the 7am shift and the 3pm shift.  9/11 Day is still looking for sponsors who can donate between 1k and 5k. For more info on how to support this day contact  Click here to register. ...Continue Reading

The Harlem Family Carnival to Support Reentering Citizens and their Families

September 2nd,2016 ICNY Latest News, Program Archive, Upcoming Programs

  Date: Saturday, September 10 Time: 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm Location: 170 E. 121 Street   The Harlem Community Justice Center and partnering local non-profits, community members, faith based organizations, businesses, and social service providers will come together to host a community event outside of our courthouse, located at 170 E. 121 Street. The Harlem Family Carnival will offer a message of inclusion and support to formerly incarcerated individuals returning to our community as well as provide the community a day filled with free family activities.   Located in an old magistrate’s courthouse in the heart of East Harlem, the Harlem Community Justice Center (“The Justice Center”...Continue Reading

September 2016 Newsletter: 9/11 Day, Carnival to Support Returning Citizens, and Ganesh Birthday Celebration

September 1st,2016 ICNY Latest News

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September Newsletter Message from ICNY Executive Director

August 31st,2016 ICNY Latest News

Message from ICNY Executive Director   Dear Friends,   To commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11, please join The Interfaith Center of New York and other nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and businesses from around New York to pack half a million meals for the hungry. The "9/11 Day of Service" will take place in downtown Manhattan. There is also the "Prayers for World Peace Interfaith Ceremony" which will be held at the International Buddhist Progress Society New York Temple in Flushing.   Fifteen years ago, just two days after the attacks, the Interfaith Center hosted a press conference where dozens of diverse faith leaders expressed their solidarity across religious traditi...Continue Reading

PODCAST: “The Natural Tendency of the Soul” – Nitin Ajmera on Jainism, Nonviolence, and the Human Struggle for Virtue

August 22nd,2016 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

  Maggi Van Dorn talks with Nitin Ajmera   In this episode of our free podcast series “NYC Faith Leaders,” Maggi Van Dorn talks with Nitin Ajmera, former president of the Jain Center of America, located in Elmhurst, Queens.  In this richly informative and entertaining two-part interview, Mr. Ajmera describes the origins of Jainism (one of the oldest religions in the world), and speaks about the three main principals of the Jain faith: devotion to nonviolence (Ahimsa), a rejection of possessiveness (Aparigraha), and embracing the understanding that there are multiple paths that lead to establishment of the truth (Anekantvada). His engaging talk is a rare and valuable opportunity to lea...Continue Reading