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Join Press Conference and Rally – “Hate Free Zone: Love and Protect Each Other”

November 29th,2016 ICNY Latest News

Date: Friday, December 2 Time: 5:30 pm Location: Diversity Plaza at corner of 74th St & 37th Rd in Jackson Heights In a time of uncertainty and attacks on our communities, join us in Queens for a press conference and rally to show our love and pledge to defend each other.  For more information, contact DRUM (Desis Rising Up and Moving) at 718.205-3036 or  A flyer is available here....Continue Reading

New Yorkers: Help ICNY on #GivingTuesday to Celebrate and Defend Diversity

November 29th,2016 ICNY Latest News

  ICNY relies on your support to pursue its mission to overcome prejudice, violence, and misunderstanding by activating the power of the city’s grassroots religious and civic leaders and their communities. Please consider making a tax deductible gift to ICNY today!    ...Continue Reading

NYPD Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill Opening Remarks at Screening of Religious Diversity Training Video

November 23rd,2016 ICNY Latest News

  On Thursday, November 17, the NYPD in partnership with ICNY hosted Public Safety in Today’s Multi-Faith New York, an event focused on public safety initiatives and efforts to create better understanding between police officers and the multi-faith communities in which they serve.  A video "Policing in Today’s Multi-Faith New York " was screened, which will be shown to all NYPD cadets as part of their required training. New York City Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill addressed the law enforcement and diverse faith leaders in the audience with the following remarks: Good evening everyone. Thanks for being here. And welcome to Police Headquarters. Thank you to the Inte...Continue Reading

ANNUAL APPEAL: Overcome Prejudice This Thanksgiving

November 21st,2016 ICNY Latest News

Dear Friends, The urgency of grassroots interfaith work is greater now than it was when The Interfaith Center of New York was founded almost 20 years ago.  Our mission has never been more important: “to overcome prejudice, violence, and misunderstanding by activating the power of the city’s grassroots religious and civic leaders and their communities.” You can access ICNY's latest annual report here. Your gift during this season will help us heal our divided communities. ICNY brings New York’s diverse faith community members together to stand unified against bigotry and violence. But to do this, we need your support. Please donate now and help us make our city’s religiou...Continue Reading

ICNY is Improving Public Safety for all New Yorkers with a Religious Diversity Training Video for NYPD Officers

Policing in Today’s Multi-Faith New York: Working with the NYPD to Improve Public Safety for All New Yorkers by Dr. Henry Goldschmidt Imagine you’re an officer in the New York City Police Department.  It’s Friday night, and you’re working on a block that’s closed for police activity.  A young woman wearing a long, modest skirt and full-sleeved blouse says she lives on the block, and needs to get past the police line.  You ask for identification to check her address, and she tells you bluntly, “I can’t carry ID on Shabbos – it’s against the Torah.”  Is she for real, or maybe up to something?  The next day, you’re providing first aid for a young man with a full b...Continue Reading

WHAT CAN I DO to stand with my Muslim neighbors right now?

November 16th,2016 ICNY Latest News     These are some suggested steps — they don’t capture everything, nor are they meant to, but they provide some starting points or action steps you can take.   1. Listen. If you don’t have Muslim friends to listen to in person, there are many American Muslims on social media who you could listen to in order to understand what people are experiencing and feeling. How do you find them? Start with some of the Muslim hashtag campaigns that gained traction recently, like #MuslimsReportingStuff. You’ll find some great folks there, and we’ve put together a growing list here of diverse American Muslims active on social media. 2. Reach out and connec...Continue Reading

The 4th Christian-Muslim Summit in Tehran

November 16th,2016 ICNY Latest News

  Over the week of the US Presidential Election, ICNY joined the 4th Christian-Muslim Summit that met from Nov. 6-10th in Tehran and issued this Call to Action. This joint statement focuses on a theme of human dignity and builds on a series of Sunni-Shia-Catholic-Anglican/Episcopal dialogues originally inspired by Iranian President Khatami’s visit to the National Cathedral in Washington in 2004 where he called for a “Dialogue of Civilizations.” ICNY presented on our grassroots interfaith work with Muslims, Catholics and other faith traditions in New York City.   This Call to Action promotes a “culture of nonviolence” and recognizes the disproportionate impact of violent conflict...Continue Reading

Pledge to Register as a Muslim if Trump requires Muslims to register

November 15th,2016 ICNY Latest News

The Alliance of Community Trainers has launched this campaign on CAUSES: Pledge to Register as a Muslim if Trump requires Muslims to register. In this dire moment, we need to send a strong message that we will not let prejudice and hatred prevail.  We call on every person of good heart to join us, to hold the vision that this country can yet become a place where we value diversity, cherish the freedom to believe and worship as we choose, and counter fear with courage and love. View the campaign page here....Continue Reading

“Immigrants and Refugees in America and New York: The Political and Moral Landscape Today”

November 10th,2016 ICNY Latest News

Presented by the Micah Faith Table Immigration Committee in partnership with The Refugee Committee of Congregation B'nai Jeshurun Date: Tuesday, Nov. 15 Time: 6:45 pm Location: Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, 270 W. 89th Street, (Between Broadway and West End) Speakers will analyze the implications of the November 8th elections for the lives of immigrants, refugees and those aspiring to emigrate to the U.S.; reflect on our moral obligation, rooted in Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim teachings, to advocate adoption of immigration/refugee laws and policies that are just and humane; and inform us about NYC programs and initiatives that make our city a refuge for victims of ...Continue Reading

Statement: Standing with Muslim New Yorkers & Other American Religious Minorities

The outcome of the 2016 presidential election strengthens ICNY's resolve to overcome bigotry, prejudice, and violence – working with and for New York’s grassroots religious and civic leaders in the weeks, months, and years ahead.  We stand proudly with Muslim New Yorkers and other religious minorities who contribute so much to our shared city and nation.  As we fought the attempts of candidate Trump to marginalize immigrants and religious minorities, so will we continue to do so throughout his presidency.  Grounded in First Amendment principles and shared religious values, we will strive to make New York and the world safe for religious diversity....Continue Reading