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July 20: The Prayer Vigil for Tolerance & Respect

July 19th,2016 ICNY Latest News

Tomorrow, July 20th, The Prayer Vigil for Tolerance & Respect will urge Republicans meeting in their convention in Cleveland, OH as well as Democrats and all other Americans, to reject the politics of fear and hatred. As a way of reaffirming our shared values and rejecting the crisis of hate that plagues our current campaign cycle, we invite people from all cultures, races and religious affiliations to join us. This vigil will take place at Saint Peters Church (an inclusive Lutheran church at 619 Lexington Ave & 54th St) at 8pm July 20 and will call upon Americans to turn away from any candidate that gains popularity by vilifying others--women, people with disabilities, minority group...Continue Reading

ICNY Statement on Attack in Nice, and Gingrich Call for Muslim Deportations

July 15th,2016 ICNY Latest News, Statements

The Interfaith Center of New York extends our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims of terrorism in Nice, France.   We hope this tragedy will not be compounded by the pronouncements of unscrupulous politicians to scapegoat an entire religious tradition. Newt Gingrich's recent call for the deportation of Muslims who support the Sharia displays a lack of understanding about both Islam and the United States Constitution. Like Jewish law "Halacha" that includes dietary rules, and laws governing hygiene, marriage and divorce, the Sharia is also for most Muslims primarily concerned with these issues. In addition, calling for a religious test of any sort runs against the Constitutional pr...Continue Reading

NEH Summer Institute Opening Day Reception Photos

July 11th,2016 ICNY Latest News, Uncategorized

Today twenty-five K-12 teachers from around the U.S. gathered for the first day of our "Religious Worlds of New York" NEHSummer Institute. After the day's discussion led by Charles Haynes (of the First Amendment Center) on the history and Constitutionality of teaching about religion in public schools, ICNY staff and board members welcomed the teachers at an evening reception on the quad of Union Theological Seminary. See the photos here on our Facebook page!...Continue Reading

Some notable tweets from Charles Haynes lecture on Constitutionality of Teaching about Religions in Public Schools

July 11th,2016 ICNY Latest News

Some notable tweets from yesterday's lecture by Charles Haynes of the First Amendment Center? on the Constitutionality of teaching about religion in public schools: Public school teachers must wear a “First Amendment hat” for the entire time they are in the classroom. “Establishment Clause” of 1st Amendment states Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion "Free Exercise Clause" = section of 1st Amendment "Congress shall make no law ... prohibiting the FREE EXERCISE" of religion The faith of a single person constitutes religious belief in the USA, it does not have to be part of a larger community. For teaching about controversial topics, it can b...Continue Reading

ICNY STATEMENT: Responding to injustice and violence

July 9th,2016 ICNY Latest News

Greetings, In recent days we have learned that two more black men--Alton Silver and Philando Castile--were killed by police in Louisiana and Minnesota and that Thursday night-adding another senseless act of violence to these injustices--five police officers were murdered and seven others wounded in Dallas, Texas. The injustice and violence seem overpowering. And yet, there are things we can do. **We can gather this weekend in our communities of faith and share our fears, anger and sadness in the company of others who are also grieving. ** We can promote the voices of non-violent change: the Black Lives Matter Official Statement advocating for dignity, justice and respect offers such ...Continue Reading

Statements of solidarity from ICNY & Majlis Ashura of NY as Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr

July 6th,2016 ICNY Latest News

As Muslim families in New York City celebrate the joyful occasion of Eid al-Fitr, we remember those Muslim and non-Muslim victims of terrorism who have been killed in the last few days of Ramadan in Medina, Baghdad, Dakar, and Istanbul. Below are statements from ICNY and our partner the Majlis Ashura of New York from July 3 & 4th, underscoring the way that terrorism knows no religious preference:   Majlis Ashura of New York Statement Condemning Attacks on Madinah al Munawarah in Saudia Arabia --July 4, 2016   NEW YORK, NY (7/4/2016): The Majlis Ashura (Islamic Leadership Council) of New York, the oldest and largest umbrella group of Muslim organizations in the United States, expressed...Continue Reading

ICNY statement on horrific terrorist attacks in Istanbul, Dakar, and Baghdad

July 4th,2016 ICNY Latest News

The Interfaith Center of New York deplores the latest string of horrific terrorist attacks in Istanbul, Dakar, and Baghdad and stands in solidarity with victims' families. Anathema to the core tenets of all faith traditions, these cold-blooded mass murders offer a particular affront to the holiness, humility, and self-discipline aspired to by Muslim men and women observing the holy month of Ramadan. We deplore these senseless acts of violence and resolve to do all we can to promote peace and interfaith understanding....Continue Reading

JULY E-BULLETIN: Message from ICNY Executive Director

July 1st,2016 ICNY Latest News

Dear Friends,   On behalf of The Interfaith Center of New York’s staff and board, I would like to express our deep gratitude to everyone who contributed to ICNY’s JPM 2016 Fundraising Campaign. Thanks to your generosity ICNY raised even more than we did at last year’s JPM Annual Awards Dinner and met our final $25,000 matching grant in less than a week. Whether you gave to the Interfaith Center for the first time or continued an ongoing commitment, you have put us on solid footing as we continue to educate teachers and social workers, advocate for religious freedom, and bring together religiously diverse youth to help make our city safe from religious intolerance.   In Washington D...Continue Reading

Written Testimony of The Rev. Chloe Breyer, regarding Hearing on “Willful Blindness—The Consequences of Agency Efforts to De-Emphasize Radical Islam in Combatting Terrorism”

July 1st,2016 ICNY Latest News

Written Testimony of The Rev. Chloe Breyer Executive Director, The Interfaith Center of New York Hearing on “Willful Blindness—The Consequences of Agency Efforts to De-Emphasize Radical Islam in Combatting Terrorism” US SENATE COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE ON OVERSIGHT, AGENCY ACTION, FEDERAL RIGHTS & FEDERAL COURTS June 28, 2016 On June 13, 2016 following the Orlando massacre, The Interfaith Center of New York like so many other institutions and faith communities issued a public statement. We conveyed our solidarity with the families of the victims and LGBT communities in Florida; our gratitude to the: EMT’s, Fire Fighters, Police, and fellow citizens; our conde...Continue Reading

Double your contribution this week thanks to a Matching Grant

June 27th,2016 ICNY Latest News

Dear Friends, This is the final week of our annual James Parks Morton 2016 Fundraising Campaign and we have just been offered a matching grant of up to $25,000. Please support our work by clicking on the button below & sending your contribution by this Friday. Whether it is organizing Interfaith Vigils post-Orlando, galvanizing community-input into an mosque surveillance lawsuit, or bringing religiously diverse youth to the Hindu Temple Society of North America in Queens, New York City needs ICNY's work more than ever. Please help us in anyway you can. Thank you, The Rev. Chloe Breyer Executive Director, The Interfaith Center of New York ...Continue Reading