City of Refuge, a 24-hour mobilization to Stop the Refugee Ban, Save Asylum, and Defend Temporary Protected Status

March 24th,2017 ICNY Latest News

Dates: Tuesday-Wednesday, March 28-29
Location: Trinity Church, Broadway at Wall Street, New York, NY

City of Refuge is a 24-hour mobilization to Stop the Refugee Ban, Save Asylum, and Defend Temporary Protected Status. We are lifting up the stories of refugees and raising up our voices for humanitarian immigration. (This event was rescheduled due to the blizzard – please note that the event timings have slightly changed for the new dates)

The Trump Administration has openly attacked and demonized refugees. The Administration has put forward a freeze on refugee admissions, barred Syrian refugees, and slashed the numbers of refugees admitted for the current year. Trump has ordered a crack down on asylum applications in the US, raising concerns that refugees will be denied due process and returned to countries where they are risk. We are also concerned that the Administration will end Temporary Protected Status programs that protect tens of thousands of immigrants from West Africa, Haiti, Central America, Nepal and other countries experiencing humanitarian crises.

We are calling for an end to the refugee ban, the preservation of asylum and TPS, and truly humanitarian immigration policy. We will organize 24 hours of powerful actions in solidarity with refugees. We are invoking the spirit of the Statue of Liberty and the history of New York as a City of Refuge for immigrants and refugees from around the world.

On Tuesday March 28th at 12:30 pm, we will rally at 40 Wall Street- The Trump Building. Tuesday. At 1:30 pm, we will march from the Trump Building to the historic Trinity Church, carrying rafts, boats, dinghies, life preservers, and photos and stories of refugees. We will be welcomed to Trinity as a place of sanctuary by an interfaith delegation.

Tuesday afternoon and overnight, Trinity will host a “tent city” for refugees. From 2-9 pm the tent city will be a space for teach-ins, cultural events, and action for refugees. At 10 pm, we will host a “torchlight vigil” where we will raise the Torch of Liberty together.

Wednesday morning at 10 am, we will march to the Federal Building, and gather at Foley Square Plaza for a closing rally at noon.

For more information: African Communities Together, or phone: 646-660-1688.

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