ICNY’s participation in this weekend’s Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City

Today and tomorrow at the Parliament, ICNY’s executive director, The Rev. Chloe Breyer, will be moderating and speaking at numerous panel discussions:

“Grassroots Interfaith Initiatives to Counter Islamophobia”

On this panel, Rev. Breyer joins Catherine Osborne of Shoulder to Shoulder, to discuss three examples for how interfaith initiatives can help ameliorate fear and build trust, as well as move us forward in clarifying the distinction between freedom of speech and hate speech.

“Kill them (Qu’ran), Do Not Spare Them (Torah), and Cast Them Into Everlasting Fire (New Testament): Context of Difficult Religious Texts”

In order for interfaith movements to be truly effective in developing harmony between faith communities, it is important to understand the context of difficult passages in the scriptures and how they are understood by different groups. Rev. Breyer will moderate this panel that includes presenter Karen Armstrong.

“The Role of Religious Leaders in Preventing Genocide and Atrocity Crimes”

Can faith leaders and faith communities engage guiding institutions (governments, media, etc.) to prevent potential genocides and mass atrocities? This panel, chaired by Rev. Breyer, includes Robert Pape, Muang Zarni and Bernard K. Freamon.

“Plenary Session: Spotlight on Income Inequality”

In this plenary, experts and religious leaders focus on systematic income inequality and widening wealth disparity in the both the USA and around the world and what we can do to address it. A major declaration will be released calling the attendees of the Parliament to action.