Podcast Underwriting


Benefits of underwriting ICNY’s Interfaith Matters podcast:

  • Inform our audience about your organization
  • Align your organization with ICNY’s mission of overcoming “prejudice, violence, and misunderstanding by activating the power of the city’s grassroots religious and civic leaders and their communities.”  
  • Drive traffic to your website

The Underwriting Package

ICNY will only accept underwriting support from organizations that are aligned with our own mission, goals, and values.  We reserve the right to refuse any offer of support, and to decline any specific underwriting statement, that we deem contrary to our mission, goals, and values.

Please note that, although our series generally airs a new episode monthly, we sometimes deviate from that schedule based on current events and ICNY’s programming and promotions.  The package then is based upon the number of episodes, and not upon an amount of time.

Our principal underwriting package includes underwriting statements placed in 3 podcast episodes, at a cost of $600 total.*  This includes:

  1. A 15-second pre-recorded, pre-roll or end-roll underwriting statement.
  2. A similar statement, including your logo, in writing placed in the announcements used to promote each episode. This includes:
  3. Mass email announcements
  4. Posts on ICNY’s website
  5. Posts on ICNY’s Social Media platforms.
  6. Content formatted to help your organization promote the episodes.
  7. Analytics reporting after the final episode in the package has been on-air for 30 days.

The promotional statement will begin with a phrase stating general support for ICNY and will follow FCC guidelines for underwriting language.

Underwriting Statements may contain:

  • Name of the underwriter
  • Underwriter’s website
  • Underwriter’s slogan, as long as it is not promotional
  • Logo (in written communications such as webposts)

Underwriting Statements may not contain:

  • Advertising for products or events


To discuss underwriting opportunities, please contact Kevin Childress at socialmedia@interfaithcenter.org or 646.245.8509.

* Other packages are available at different price ranges. Please contact us for more information.