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“To Serve Means to Become a Friend” – Talking with Paola Piscitelli, President of the Sant’Egidio Community in the U.S.*

Paola Piscitelli (left) and host Maggi Van Dorn Our Guest:  This time on "Interfaith Matters," Maggi talks with Paola Piscitelli, president of the Sant'Egidio Community in the United States, an international lay community in the Roman Catholic Church, with over 60 thousand members worldwide. Highlights: On the beginnings of the Community: It was started by students who were 18 and younger, who gathered to read the scripture and try to put them into practice.  Immediately, they saw that they could not say they were Christian if there were not a component of service to the poor. On what it means to "serve": It means to become friends with somebody.  Friendship is a commitment, it's ...Continue Reading

“A Common Language that is Always Present” – Rev. Sarah McCaslin on her Spiritual Calling to a Life of Ministry, Psychotherapy, and Waffles

   Host Maggi Van Dorn (left) With Rev. Sarah McCaslin    Our Guest:    Rev. Sarah McCaslin, MDiv, LMSW, Waffle Church Minister at St. Lydia’s in Brooklyn, and resident therapist at the Psychotherapy and Spirituality Institute. In a 2-part episode, Sarah talks with us about how her desire to serve and help others leads her on a simultaneous journey of ministry and psychotherapy.  And yes, there will be waffles along the way!  Highlights:   On "Dinner Church": It links really well to the scriptural stories that we understand about the beginning of Communion, and Jesus and his disciples gathered for a meal. Before there were churches, [early Christians] were meeting in eac...Continue Reading

“When We Love and Serve, Our Differences Become Minor” – Robert & Vivian DeRosa on their Lives as Latter-day Saints

March 14th,2017 ICNY Podcasts

Vivian and Robert DeRosa with host Maggi Van Dorn (right) In this latest episode of “Interfaith Matters," Maggi Van Dorn talks with Robert and Vivian DeRosa, leaders in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sometimes known as Mormons. Robert is president of the Lynbrook New York Stake (a geographic area similar to a diocese or parish) that includes Eastern Queens and Western Nassau. Vivian is the leader of the young women's programs. Some Highlights: On the origins of the word "Mormon": "It's a nickname people have given to us over time. It simply refers to the Book of Mormon and the person Mormon, who was the compiler and editor of 1,000 years' worth of history [that comp...Continue Reading

“Sanctuary” – Dr. Diane Steinman on Responding to the Plight of Refugees and Undocumented Immigrants

February 21st,2017 ICNY Podcasts

Maggi Van Dorn (pictured l.) with Diane Steinman From the first week of President Trump’s administration, refugee and immigration issues have become a pressing moral concern for many Americans, with New York City taking center stage as demonstrations spring up everywhere and Mayor de Blasio upholds our status as a “Sanctuary City.”  Even before President Trump launched aggressive new policies targeting undocumented immigrants this week, the Washington Post reported that the number of houses of worship that have declared themselves sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants has doubled nationwide over the past year, while DNAInfo described local congregations signing on to shelter immigr...Continue Reading

The S.P.I.C.E.S. of Life: How Quakerism Taught Andy von Salis to Sit With Silence and Stand in Protest

December 15th,2016 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

We're launching our new season with a podcast survey and a chance to win tickets to a new Broadway Musical! See below for details. _________________________________________________________ Andy von Salis and ICNY Podcast Producer Maggi Van Dorn In this episode of our free podcast series “NYC Faith Leaders,” Maggi Van Dorn talks with Andy von Salis, a clerk (or presiding moderator) of the New York Religious Society of Friends, also known as "Quakers," on how the practice of silence and commitment to equality have guided Quakers as some of the most powerful peace and justice makers in American history, and have personally empowered his own civil disobedience. On the Fundamental Beli...Continue Reading

PODCAST: “Gifts of Spirit and Caregiving” – Peter Gudaitis on Faith Leadership and Disaster Response

September 19th,2016 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

Maggi Van Dorn talks with Peter Gudaitis In the wake of the 9/11 tragedy fifteen years ago, an organization called New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS) came together to coordinate disaster relief. Since that time, NYDIS has grown and gone on to provide relief after Hurricane Sandy and other disasters. In this episode of our free podcast series “NYC Faith Leaders,” Maggi Van Dorn talks with Peter B. Gudaitis, Chief Response Officer of NYDIS, about the challenges of coordinating disaster relief in a city comprised of hundreds of separate cultural and faith communities, and how to train religious leaders to provide emergency response to a multi-faith population. Highlights: O...Continue Reading

PODCAST: “The Natural Tendency of the Soul” – Nitin Ajmera on Jainism, Nonviolence, and the Human Struggle for Virtue

August 22nd,2016 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

  Maggi Van Dorn talks with Nitin Ajmera   In this episode of our free podcast series “NYC Faith Leaders,” Maggi Van Dorn talks with Nitin Ajmera, former president of the Jain Center of America, located in Elmhurst, Queens.  In this richly informative and entertaining two-part interview, Mr. Ajmera describes the origins of Jainism (one of the oldest religions in the world), and speaks about the three main principals of the Jain faith: devotion to nonviolence (Ahimsa), a rejection of possessiveness (Aparigraha), and embracing the understanding that there are multiple paths that lead to establishment of the truth (Anekantvada). His engaging talk is a rare and valuable opportunity to lea...Continue Reading

PODCAST: Father Liam O’Doherty shares an “Incarnational Faith”

July 26th,2016 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

Father Liam and ICNY Podcast Producer Maggi Van Dorn In this episode of our free podcast series “NYC Faith Leaders,” Maggi Van Dorn talks with Father Liam O'Doherty, an Augustinian friar and Catholic priest, currently of Our Mother of Good Counsel Parish in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and formerly of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish in Staten Island.  Fr. Liam served 18 years as a missionary in Nagoya & Nagasaki, Japan, where he ministered to the descendants of Japan's first Catholic martyrs.  He is renown in Staten Island for his interfaith work in bringing together the Roman Catholic and Muslim communities around shared social justice concerns.  And Fr. Liam is also credited with ar...Continue Reading

PODCAST: “Faith in Humanity’s Capacity for Goodness” – Dr. Anne Klaeysen on Humanism and the Morality of Atheistic Philosophy

June 23rd,2016 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts, Uncategorized

  Dr. Anne Klaeysen (pictured, left) talks with ICNY Podcast Producer Maggi Van Dorn In this episode of our free podcast series “NYC Faith Leaders,” Maggi Van Dorn and ICNY’s Directory of Programs Dr. Henry Goldschmidt talk with Dr. Anne Klaeysen, leader of the New York Society for Ethical Culture, ethical humanist religious life advisor at Columbia University and humanist chaplain at NYU. On the first Humanists: "While they were experiencing their lives and their commitments to their vocations as religious they were beginning to separate that more from a belief in a supernatural, anthropomorphized deity." On the "1st manifesto": "Humanism is a philosophy and a religion that e...Continue Reading

PODCAST: Al Cadena on the Bahá’í faith, and living life with purpose and meaning

May 23rd,2016 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

PODCAST “Walk a Path of Service” Al Cadena on the Bahá'í faith, and living life with purpose and meaning Maggi Van Dorn (pictured, left) talks with Al Cadena (right) Thanks to Eddie Gonzalez (center), our friend from StoryCorps, for helping with the recording. In this episode of our free podcast series “NYC Faith Leaders,” Maggi Van Dorn talks with Al Cadena, one of nine members of an elected body called the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of New York City.  Al provides a wonderful introduction to Bahá'í beliefs, and how the faith informs a person's ethics.  He also shares his inspiring journey to victory on the game show "Jeopardy!". On Bahá'ísm: "Bahá'í ...Continue Reading