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PODCAST: “You Have to be a Testimony” – Theo and Phyllis Harris Discuss Life After Incarceration and the Redemptive Power of Music

Maggi Van Dorn (left) talks with Theo and Phyllis Harris, stars of the Off Broadway show "Alive 55+ and Kickin'" "Every time I lift my eyes to the sky, I’m reminded of a time in my life When all the dark clouds hung over me, I was lost inside, in search of a key. I remember loved ones being so kind, saying things would get much better with time. And I admit sometimes it did for a while, then I’d find myself back under the cloud. But right in the midst of the rain, my heart was so filled with pain, You came and rescued my soul, and then your love took control. Right in the midst of the rain you taught me to smile again. My life was awesomely changed right in the midst of the ra...Continue Reading

PODCAST: “Polishing the Inner Mirror” – Sheikha Fariha al Jerrahi on the Sufi Path of Unveiling Divine Love

November 18th,2015 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

PODCAST "Polishing the Inner Mirror" Sheikha Fariha on the Sufi Path of Unveiling Divine Love Sheikha Fariha On Sufism: “The inner knowledge of the nature of the human being, and the divine reality within the human being.” On being a female Muslim leader: [When you're not used to it], that's why you find all these so called holy reasons why it shouldn't be." On Rumi: “When love speaks, it will express itself in poetic form, like the hymns we sing.” In the third episode of our free podscast series “NYC Faith Leaders,” Maggi Van Dorn interviews Sheikha Fariha of the Nur Ashki Jerrahi tariqa located in Tribeca, who speaks about the spiritual path of Sufism, the direct transmi...Continue Reading

PODCAST: “Beyond the Songs, There is Something Deeper” – Babalawo Antonio Mondesire on Music, Sacrifice, and His Journey to Ifá Priesthood

October 13th,2015 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

Maggi Van Dorn interviews Babalawo Antonio Mondesire In the second episode of our free podscast series “NYC Faith Leaders,” Babalawo Antonio Mondesire reflects on his journey to the Ifá priesthood, a life story weaving together culture, race, politics, faith, all expressed and influenced by the power of music. Baba Tony was born in the Bronx to parents of Puerto Rican and Eastern Caribbean (Dominica) ancestry.  He is an Ifá Priest, Spiritual Counselor, Educator, and Percussionist.  The spiritual title Babaláwo (or Baba for short) literally means “father of esoteric studies,” and the term “Ifá” may be translated as “encoded, esoteric, universal knowledge, wisdom and ...Continue Reading

PODCAST: Cantor Mike Weis talks music, a return to Judaism, and an interfaith music festival

September 8th,2015 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

"Setting Up a Tent and Inviting People In” Mike Weis is a Cantor at The Brotherhood Synagogue in Manhattan ICNY is pleased to launch a free podcast series called "NYC Faith Leaders," featuring interviews with diverse faith leaders throughout the city.  In the first installment (edited by Maggi Van Dorn), Mike Weis talks about how he was called to his role as Cantor at the Brotherhood Synagogue in Manhattan, the role of music in expressing faith and in bringing people together, and his plans to establish an interfaith music festival.  We also offer some supplemental audio of Mike singing "Avinu Malkeinu," and discussing the history and function of "tropes" used for ritual chanting of H...Continue Reading

DeShannon Barnes-Bowens: “Sacred Sexuality” in Psychotherapy and Spiritual Practice

June 10th,2015 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts, Program Archive

DeShannon Barnes-Bowens, MS Founder and Director of ILERA Counseling and Education Services By Petra Halbur The reconciliation of sexuality and spiritually – body and soul – is a struggle for many people. Yet DeShannon Barnes-Bowens, a psychotherapist and an orisa priestess in the Yoruba/Ifa tradition, has found that these two facets of identity are not only compatible, but inherently linked. In her clinical work with survivors of sex­ual abuse, and through the organization she founded, ILERA Counseling & Education Services, Barnes-Bowens draws on psychotherapeutic and spiritual models of care to help people of all faith traditions bridge the sometimes painful gap between sexuali...Continue Reading

Working with Clergy to Address Domestic Violence – Faith Leader Spotlight on Anindita Chatterjee Bhaumik

June 8th,2015 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

Anindita Chatterjee Bhaumik, Community and External Affairs Coordinator for CONNECT; NYPD clergy liaison for Hindu communities By Petra Halbur Addressing domestic violence in New York City’s faith communities requires effective partnerships between social workers and faith leaders, as clinical social worker Anindita Chatterjee Bhaumik knows well. She has worked as a DV advocate with Hindu community leaders and others for over 15 years, including serving (since 2006) as an NYPD clergy liaison for Hindu communities, and serving (since 2008) as a Community and External Affairs Coordinator for CONNECT, an organization dedicated to preventing interpersonal violence and promoting gender ...Continue Reading

Al-Hajji Imam Yusuf F. Hasan: “Walking with People in Places of Fear”

May 27th,2015 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

Al-Hajji Imam Yusuf F. Hasan, BCC By Petra Halbur As a staff chaplain at the HealthCare Chaplaincy Network, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Winthrop University Hospital, Imam Yusuf Hasan encounters the joy and pain of life and death on a daily basis. For 23 years, he has specialized in pediatric spiritual care, ministering to young patients and their families “of all faiths and of no faith” – offering counsel and assistance, or simply “[walking] with people in places of fear.” “It’s very frightening when you’re very sick,” he says, “so when [patients] pray with me I bring hope. I bring comfort and God’s presence.” Yet alongside this spiritual model o...Continue Reading

Maryum Khwaja: Faith as “a Resource that Works”

May 11th,2015 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

Maryum Khwaja, LCSW, Nasiha Counselling and the Bleuler Psychotherapy Center By Petra Halbur For many therapists, religion and spirituality are difficult subjects to broach with their clients. But according to clinical social worker Maryum Khwaja (cofounder of Nasiha Counseling, a private practice that specializes in working with Muslim clients), they can be essential, transformative resources for healing. “Even if people aren’t from my [Muslim] faith background,” she says, “I will ask them about their spirituality. I will ask them what place it holds in their lives … It is a very critical and often neglected part of the work.” What many therapists fail to realize is that r...Continue Reading

Social Work & Religious Diversity Conference: Spotlight on Rabbi Simkha Weintraub

April 17th,2015 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

Wriiten By: Anna Rubin Rabbi Simkha Weintraub, currently the Rabbinic Director for the New York Jewish Healing Center and National Center for Jewish Healing, a sector of the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services (JBFCS), calls himself a “pulpit-free” rabbi. Informed by the joy his father experienced as a rabbi in the 1950s-70s working in DC for the civil and social rights of his wider, non-Jewish community, Rabbi Weintraub takes immense pleasure in being able to merge his roles of rabbi and social worker in his work with JBFCS, participating in community organizing and social justice work, as well as one-on-one counseling and group therapy sessions. Working with JBFCS has ...Continue Reading

“A Spirit of Healing” – Faith Leader Spotlight on Rev. Dr. Kelly Murphy Mason

April 15th,2015 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

Rev. Dr. Kelly Murphy Mason, LCSW, Director of Programming at the Psychotherapy and Spirituality Institute Adjunct Faculty at Columbia University Teachers College By Petra Habur As a licensed psychotherapist, faculty member, and Unitarian Universalist minister, Kelly Murphy Mason believes that there’s a lot to be gained from people integrating psychological insight with spiritual wisdom.  That integration is just what she encourages in her clinical work with clients at the Psychotherapy and Spirituality Institute. “The idea,” she explains, “is whatever people’s spiritual tradition may be, whether it’s an organized religion or a philosophy, that they are able to use tha...Continue Reading