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Al-Hajji Imam Yusuf F. Hasan: “Walking with People in Places of Fear”

May 27th,2015 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

Al-Hajji Imam Yusuf F. Hasan, BCC By Petra Halbur As a staff chaplain at the HealthCare Chaplaincy Network, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Winthrop University Hospital, Imam Yusuf Hasan encounters the joy and pain of life and death on a daily basis. For 23 years, he has specialized in pediatric spiritual care, ministering to young patients and their families “of all faiths and of no faith” – offering counsel and assistance, or simply “[walking] with people in places of fear.” “It’s very frightening when you’re very sick,” he says, “so when [patients] pray with me I bring hope. I bring comfort and God’s presence.” Yet alongside this spiritual model o...Continue Reading

Maryum Khwaja: Faith as “a Resource that Works”

May 11th,2015 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

Maryum Khwaja, LCSW, Nasiha Counselling and the Bleuler Psychotherapy Center By Petra Halbur For many therapists, religion and spirituality are difficult subjects to broach with their clients. But according to clinical social worker Maryum Khwaja (cofounder of Nasiha Counseling, a private practice that specializes in working with Muslim clients), they can be essential, transformative resources for healing. “Even if people aren’t from my [Muslim] faith background,” she says, “I will ask them about their spirituality. I will ask them what place it holds in their lives … It is a very critical and often neglected part of the work.” What many therapists fail to realize is that r...Continue Reading

Social Work & Religious Diversity Conference: Spotlight on Rabbi Simkha Weintraub

April 17th,2015 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

Wriiten By: Anna Rubin Rabbi Simkha Weintraub, currently the Rabbinic Director for the New York Jewish Healing Center and National Center for Jewish Healing, a sector of the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services (JBFCS), calls himself a “pulpit-free” rabbi. Informed by the joy his father experienced as a rabbi in the 1950s-70s working in DC for the civil and social rights of his wider, non-Jewish community, Rabbi Weintraub takes immense pleasure in being able to merge his roles of rabbi and social worker in his work with JBFCS, participating in community organizing and social justice work, as well as one-on-one counseling and group therapy sessions. Working with JBFCS has ...Continue Reading

“A Spirit of Healing” – Faith Leader Spotlight on Rev. Dr. Kelly Murphy Mason

April 15th,2015 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

Rev. Dr. Kelly Murphy Mason, LCSW, Director of Programming at the Psychotherapy and Spirituality Institute Adjunct Faculty at Columbia University Teachers College By Petra Habur As a licensed psychotherapist, faculty member, and Unitarian Universalist minister, Kelly Murphy Mason believes that there’s a lot to be gained from people integrating psychological insight with spiritual wisdom.  That integration is just what she encourages in her clinical work with clients at the Psychotherapy and Spirituality Institute. “The idea,” she explains, “is whatever people’s spiritual tradition may be, whether it’s an organized religion or a philosophy, that they are able to use tha...Continue Reading

“Everything I Do is an Expression of My Call” – Faith Leader Spotlight on Reverend Bob Brashear

March 23rd,2015 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

Homeless people often bed down on the steps of New York City churches at night, as their only place of refuge.  But at West Park Presbyterian Church on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, they not only find a place to rest through the night, but are given the hope of getting off the streets for good.  Thanks to the work of West Park Presbyterian Church’s Reverend Bob Brashear, 80 percent of the people who have slept on these steps have found housing. West Park Presbyterian is a massive edifice on the corner of 86st street and Amsterdam Avenue with an impressive history.  Finished in 1885, it is considered one of the best examples of a Romanesque Revival style religious structure in New Yor...Continue Reading

“A Theology of Caring”: Faith Leader Spotlight on Rev. Maria Lopez

January 20th,2015 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

Rev. Maria Lopez Rev. Maria Lopez is guided by what she has dubbed a “theology of caring.” She will say that she is not a religious person, but believes in Jesus’ mission of caring for the poor and maintaining your humanity. “We live in a self-centered world. I, as a Christian, need to extend myself. But it’s not about religion, it’s about humanity. And I see it in all the different faith groups.” Rev. Lopez first became involved with the Interfaith Center after September 11, 2001. Just a few days after the attacks, Rev. Lopez spoke at a press conference hosted by the Latino Commission on AIDS, held at the Interfaith Center, in support of the Muslim community of New York C...Continue Reading

Faith Leader Spotlight: Sunita Viswanath

November 18th,2014 ICNY Latest News, Podcasts

Written By: Kujegi Camara Sunita Viswanath is a fierce leader whose passion for women’s rights and faith-based activism has made her a beacon of hope for the people of New York City. Sunita was born in India to a traditional South Indian Hindu family. During her childhood in India, she was immersed in Hindu rituals and went to temple regularly. She remembers having a positive association with her religion. Sunita’s family later moved to England but she believes that her time in India helped form the core of the person she is today. Sunita is married to a loving Jewish husband and has three children. As a mother, she makes sure she teaches her children her Hindu tradition. Sunita is th...Continue Reading