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ICNY is Improving Public Safety for all New Yorkers with a Religious Diversity Training Video for NYPD Officers

Policing in Today’s Multi-Faith New York: Working with the NYPD to Improve Public Safety for All New Yorkers by Dr. Henry Goldschmidt Imagine you’re an officer in the New York City Police Department.  It’s Friday night, and you’re working on a block that’s closed for police activity.  A young woman wearing a long, modest skirt and full-sleeved blouse says she lives on the block, and needs to get past the police line.  You ask for identification to check her address, and she tells you bluntly, “I can’t carry ID on Shabbos – it’s against the Torah.”  Is she for real, or maybe up to something?  The next day, you’re providing first aid for a young man with a full b...Continue Reading

What Is ID NYC? Information Session on the New Municipal ID

Date: February 18, 2015 Time: 9:00 am -11:00 am Location: The Interchurch Center Building, Sockman Lounge, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115 “Every New Yorker deserves the peace of mind of a government-issued photo identification card.”  The municipal ID is available for New Yorkers age 16 and above, including more than 500,000 undocumented New Yorkers. IDNYC promises to bring benefits to EVERY city resident, including the most vulnerable communities—the homeless, young adults, the elderly, undocumented immigrants, formerly incarcerated individuals and others who may have difficulty obtaining government-issued ID. It will be broadly accepted by City Government as proof o...Continue Reading

ICNY Statement on NYPD and “The Third Jihad” Video

January 24th,2012 ICNY Latest News

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The Interfaith Center of New York is disappointed to learn that 1489 members of the NYPD were exposed to a grossly inaccurate and inflammatory video about Muslims in the United States. As an organization that builds relationships between New York's diverse religious communities and civic institutions we are deeply disturbed by the NYPD's breach of trust with the communities it serves. ICNY calls on the NYPD to pursue it goals of "Courtesy, professionalism, and respect" through steps toward greater transparency and unbiased education about the diverse communities it serves....Continue Reading